3 Reasons To Schedule A Visit To The Vet After Adopting A Stray Cat

Posted on: 25 October 2022


Preparing for all the care a new cat can need can be challenging when you've found a stray cat and decided to keep it without planning. While the cat may appear healthy after bringing them indoors and fed, there are several reasons why a visit to the vet is crucial for their well-being.

Rather than put off a visit to the vet, consider the services a veterinarian would recommend and the difference it can make in your cat's health. 

Thorough Wellness Exam 

It can be impossible to detect some health problems just by looking at a cat. Visiting the vet allows for their heart rate to be checked, bloodwork, and any tests for fleas or mites. Since several health concerns can only be detected by a veterinarian, you'll want to schedule a wellness exam soon after adopting the cat. 

Spay or Neuter

If the cat you've adopted was a stray for most or all of its life, it's unlikely that the cat was ever spayed or neutered. Aggression, attempting to escape, spraying, and other behavioral issues can all be caused by hormones. While you may not like the idea of putting your new cat through any surgical procedures, it can be so vital to have them spayed or neutered. 

Depending on the age or health of your cat, you may need the delay the procedure. Discussing this with your veterinarian ensures you have it done promptly. 

Check for a Microchip

After you've committed to adopting a cat, you don't want to lose your cat due to them getting outdoors and losing its collar. Having your cat microchipped can make it easy for you to be contacted if they slip outside. 

It's common for formerly stray cats to dislike collars, making a microchip with your name, number, and address so helpful in the event they ever get lost. 

Extensive Vaccinations 

Cats living as strays won't be current on their vaccinations, making it essential to set up an appointment to have all the essentials taken care of. Vaccinations against rabies, feline leukemia, and other infections and diseases can all be done at this first visit to the vet. 

Instead of only visiting the vet for emergency medical care, consider the benefits of preventive care. By exploring the above reasons to schedule a visit to the vet, you can ensure that your cat is healthy and that you're not skipping essential medical care.  

For more information, contact a local veterinarian