• Signs Your Dog Has Allergies – And What A Vet Can Do

    Did you know that dogs, like humans, can have allergies? If you have a dog, this is something to be aware of. You want to be familiar with the signs of allergies in dogs so that, if needed, you can take your dog to the vet for care. Keep reading to learn about the core symptoms of allergies in dogs and how a vet can help. Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs
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  • Tips For Taking Care Of Your Cat's Teeth

    Just like the impact on humans, periodontal disease can be painful for your cat, causing infection and tooth loss. With patience, you should be able to acclimate your cat to having their teeth brushed, ideally every day. If your cat is uncooperative with this process, it is necessary to take them to a cat dentist or your veterinarian for a professional cleaning regularly.    Consider the following tips for your cat's oral health and care.
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