It's Time For The Dentist: 3 Ways Poor Dental Care Can Affect Your Cat

Posted on: 2 December 2021


If you own a cat, you owe it to them to ensure a happy, healthy life. One way to do that is to provide them with routine dental care. You might not realize this, but your cat needs proper dental care, just about as much as you do. Without it, your cat can develop serious problems within their mouth, teeth, and gums. Unfortunately, your cat can't tell you when they're experiencing dental issues, which is why routine dental care is so important. If you're not sure why your cat needs dental care, read the list provided below. You'll find three ways that poor dental health can affect your cat. 

Increased Risk of Infection

Cat's are quite independent creatures. In fact, they're able to handle most of their hygiene needs on their own. However, that doesn't include their teeth. That responsibility falls on the owner. If you own a cat, and you haven't taken them in for a dental visit, they could have hidden dental problems. Unfortunately, those hidden dental problems increase their risk for infections. Without treatment, those infections could lead to illness, abscesses, and even tooth loss. To avoid those risks, schedule a dental visit for your cat right away. 

Decreased Ability to Eat

If your cat is experiencing dental problems, they may refuse to eat their normal meals. This is especially true if your cat normally eats hard kibble food. That's because chewing can be difficult when your cat is dealing with dental problems. If your cat is unable to chew or refuses to eat anything besides softened food, it's time for a dental checkup. 

Increased Mouth Pain

Cat's can tolerate a lot of things, but pain is not one of them. Unfortunately, unresolved dental issues can cause extreme pain for your cat. If your cat is in pain, they may act out in a number of ways. First, pain may cause your cat to lose interest in proper grooming. Second, pain may cause your cat to lose interest in food. Finally, if your cat is experiencing dental pain, they may become more aggressive, which could cause them to scratch, claw, or bite. To protect your cat from mouth pain, schedule annual dental visits for them. 

Don't take chances with your cat's health. If your cat hasn't had a dental checkup in a while, schedule an appointment for them as soon as possible. For more information, contact a cat dentist.